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Deejers Design specializes in event photography, stock image production and professional real estate imagery.


Events:     $200 for the first two hours, $50 per hour thereafter, includes 10 press ready high resolution images.  Additional press ready images are $10 each.  Press Ready images available within 4 hours of conclusion of event.  Portfolio of raw images available for up to 30 days.  Photos can be held in an online password Protected Smug Mug account for a nominal charge monthly.

Stock Image Production:   $150 on site 1 hour, and $50 per hour thereafter - access to up to 20 final cut high resolution images.  Typical turn around time is 48 hours from photo production date to availability.

Professional Real Estate Imagery:     $100 for 1 hour and up to 30 images.  $50 per hour thereafter.  Additional images are $10 each.  Deejers Design will minimally move furniture.  We will not clean or dust, but may point out that we wish to return to a room to allow time to correct viewable challenges.

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